"Media Accountability" workshop in Istanbul concluded

Ethical charter for Syrian media, concluded the “Media Accountability” Training workshop on Wednesday, 30 June 2021.

The workshop sessions were held on Tuesday and Wednesday, 29 and 30 June, at OTTOMANS Hotel in Istanbul, Turkey.

A number of journalists from various Syrian media attended the workshop, The sessions were supervised by Dr. Mona Abdel-Maksoud, an assistant professor at the Faculty of Mass Communication at Cairo University.

The sessions of the first day focused on the basic concepts of “Media Accountability”, its tools at the professional level, and the challenges it faces, as well as environmental analysis of accountability in Arab media.

On the second day, the training workshop sessions discussed media accountability tools at the institutional level, with the participation of the journalist Maisa Akbik, along with Dr. Mona.

Member of the Board of Directors of " ECSM", the journalist Jawad Sharbaji, reviewed the complaints system introduced by Ethical Charter for Syrian Media professionals in front of the attendees and explained it at length - as one of the media accountabilities tools - thereafter, Dr. mona held a practical training that simulated complaints processes that will be sent to the complaints committee in the future, where the audience was divided into three sections representing the complaining party, the complained party, and the complaints committee in charge of ruling.

The audience was then re-divided into 3 groups, and each group worked to discuss the issues raised during the workshop and conceived the tools that could be used to effectively apply media accountability in the Syrian media Service.