“ECSM” concludes Independent Journalism and Democracy forum

Ethical charter for Syrian media, concluded "Independent Journalism and Democracy (Definition and Practice)" Forum on Sunday, 25 July 2021, at NOVOTEL hotel in Gaziantep, Turkey.

A number of journalists from various Syrian media attended the forum, as well as representatives of civil society organizations.

At the first session, Dr. Mona Maksoud, an assistant professor at the Faculty of Mass Communication at Cairo University, spoke about the principles and concepts of independent journalism, democratic practice and the close connection between the two ideas.

The second session focused on the problems of independent journalism and its implications for the democratic process, and a virtual debate was held between two sections of the audience, with the aim of having a more serious discussion regarding the importance of the independence of the press and the need for democratic practice.

In the third session, the trainer discussed the mechanisms of strengthening the role of the independent press in society, and ways to protect it. The attendance was divided into groups, and a set of initial recommendations was developed to achieve this goal.