Ethical Chaeter For Syriam Media


إتاحة الوصول الى مصادر الأخبار والمعلومات عبر المؤسسات الإعلامية السورية المستقلة والمهنية والأخلاقية والمتسمة بالمسؤولية والخاضعة للمساءلة


تمكين المؤسسات الإعلامية السورية من ممارسة مهنة الإعلام بأخلاق ومهنية، ودعم هذه المؤسسات وتشبيكها.


منظمة مهنية مستقلة غير حكومية وغير ربحية، ذات طابع تعددي لا تتبع لأية جهة حكومية أو سياسية أو دينية أو تجارية أو شخص بذاته

Ethical Charter

Ethical Charter for Syrian Media Principles


Media plays a major role in shaping the public opinion, monitoring, holding authorities accountable and professional objective indiscriminate publishing of truth. Which Syrian media have for decades lacked those merits. And to contribute to the continuously and rapidly evolving media industry in Syria.

In the absence of inclusive and regulatory laws, there was an urgent need for a media charter which obliges the signatories ethically.

Therefore, a group of independent Syrian media foundations approved with consensus, after long debates among different aggregates, a dedicated set of principles within a charter which contributes to the creation of a state of balance and stability; in favour of the welfare, development and progress of the Syrian society. The founders named the charter, “Mithaq Sharaf”, hereinafter, the “Ethical Charter for Syrian Media” (ECSM). All stakeholders are to respect and abide by all that contained therein.

Rules of Procedure

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Ethical Charter for Syrian Media (ECSM)

A Syrian network currently comprising 32 independent Syrian media foundations with a wide variety of productions including newspapers, magazines, radio stations, a TV channel, news websites and news agencies. ECSM Network has its own set of legislation and...

Charter in media

First Signatories

1- Ara News (news agency)

2- ARTA FM (radio)

3- ANA New Media (radio, News agency)

4- Alwan FM (radio)

5- Tamaddon (newspaper)

6- Syrian Media Group (radio, television production, news agency)

7- Syrian Journalists’ Association

8- Rozana (radio)

9- Zaytun (newspaper)

10- ARTA FM (radio)

11- Zaytun and Zaytunah (children magazine)

12- souriatna (newspaper)

13- Sada al Sham (newspaper)

14- Syrian Press Center

15- Enab Baladi (newspaper)

16- Ayn al Madinah (magazine)

17- Al Kata’ib (newspaper)

18- Aleppo Media Center (news agency)

19- Nasaem Syria (radio)

20- Yasmeen Syria (magazine)