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“ECSM” Concludes Workshop on Standards of the Charter’s Code of Professional Conduct and the Complaints Mechanism in Southern Syria, Suwayda

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9 years since the establishment of the Ethical Charter for Syrian Media

News and Reports

ECSM Concludes Forum on “Investigative Journalism and Its Role in Promoting Integrity and Combating Corruption” in Gaziantep, Turkey

News and Reports

“ECSM” Concludes Workshop of Information Sources’ Role in Promoting Freedom of Opinion and Expression

Who are we

ECSM is an independent, non-governmental, non-profit pluralistic professional organization, does not adhere to any governmental, political, religious, commercial, or individual entity.


Empowering Syrian media organizations through practicing ethical and professional media, support and network those organizations.


Accessibility to news resources and information via independent, professional, ethical, responsible, and accountable Syrian media organizations


Ethical Charter for Syrian Media Principles


Media plays a major role in shaping the public opinion, monitoring, holding authorities accountable and professional objective indiscriminate publishing of truth. Which Syrian media have for decades lacked those merits. And to contribute to the continuously and rapidly evolving media industry in Syria.
In the absence of inclusive and regulatory laws, there was an urgent need for a media charter which obliges the signatories ethically.
Therefore, a group of independent Syrian media foundations approved with consensus, after long debates among different aggregates, a dedicated set of principles within a charter which contributes to the creation of a state of balance and stability; in favour of the welfare, development and progress of the Syrian society. The founders named the charter, “Mithaq Sharaf”, hereinafter, the “Ethical Charter for Syrian Media” (ECSM). All stakeholders are to respect and abide by all that contained therein.



Ethical Charter for Syrian Media (ECSM)
A Syrian network currently comprising 24 independent Syrian media foundations with a wide variety of productions including newspapers, magazines, radio stations, a TV channel, news websites and...

News and reports


1- Ara News (news agency)
2- ARTA FM (radio)
3- ANA New Media (radio, News agency)
4- Alwan FM (radio)
5- Tamaddon (newspaper)
6- Syrian Media Group (radio, television production, news agency)
7- Syrian Journalists’ Association
8- Rozana (radio)
9- Zaytun (newspaper)
10- ARTA FM (radio)
11- Zaytun and Zaytunah (children magazine)
12- souriatna (newspaper)
13- Sada al Sham (newspaper)
14- Syrian Press Center
15- Enab Baladi (newspaper)
16- Ayn al Madinah (magazine)
17- Al Kata’ib (newspaper)
18- Aleppo Media Center (news agency)
19- Nasaem Syria (radio)
20- Yasmeen Syria (magazine)


1- Enab Baladi
2- Rozana
3- Zaitoun
4- Ain Al-Madina
5- Nasaem Syria
6- Syiran Press Center
7- The Syrian Journalists Association
8- Qasioun
9- Baladi News
10- Halab Today
11- Radio Fresh
12- Hibr press
13- Shaam news
14- Horrya Press
15- Jesr press
16- Radio Alkul
17- Syria Press
18- Daraa24
19- Rasd Syria Network for Human Rights
20- Algherbal
21- Alsharq News
22- Syria Indicator
23- Syrian Media Association
24- Edlib News Network
25- Ana press
26- Al-Ayyam
27- News Center
28- Aleppo Media Center
29- Sada Al-Sham
30- I am Human
31- Geiroon
32- Shahed 3ayan Aleppo
33- Althouraya
34- New Syrian
35- Alwan
36- Souriatna
37- Assi Press
38- Gul fm
39- Souriali
40- ARTA fm
41- Teen Ba3il
42- All Syrian
43- Lamba Media Production
44- Yasmeen Syria
45- Ain Infographic
46- Zaitoun and Zaitouna
47- Albawsala
48- Al-Katayb
49- Pro Media Syria
50- Hentah
51- Syria Today
52- Syria Live Network
53- Kobani Kurd
54- Hara FM
55- Sout Raya
56- Tamadoun
57- Syria Newsdesk
58- Alnbaa
59- Tlena Al-huria
60- Ara News
60- Alsharqia Post

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