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The mission
To enable journalists to exercise media with professional ethics
The vision
The charter is adopted as a reference for journalists during practicing their work,
which will contribute to promoting the media and to enabling it to play its role in building and developing the Syrian society

The charter

Ethical Charter for Syrian Media Alliance


In view of the important role that the media played in formulating public opinion, promoting monitoring and accountability, and conveying the truth to the public in a professional and objective way that the Syrian media have lacked for decades;

In contribution to efforts aimed at regulating the media process, which has been evolving in a constant and accelerating way since the popular movement broke out in March 2011, a movement that produced many new media outlets;

And in the absence of inclusive laws to regulate media performance;

An urgent need has arisen for a binding charter to which the signatories ethically adhere.

Based on the above, the undersigned, who are a group of independent Syrian media outlets, after much discussion and the presentation of various views, reached agreement among themselves over a host of principles forming a charter that helps establish a state of balance and stability for the Syrian society’s benefit and development. They hope that all those to whom this charter applies will respect its provisions and adhere to them. They called it a “charter of honor“.

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September 10th, 2015. Istanbul

The Board of the Ethical Charter for Syrian Media is proud to hold a press conference on Thursday, September 10th, 2015 to launch its Ethical Charter, developed and signed by over 20 Syrian media institutions, seeking an active role for these media to contribute in building a new Syrian society.

These Syrian media actors – including radio stations, newspapers, magazines, and online news outlets – met during a series of roundtables to discuss the promotion of an Ethical Charter, intended to serve as a vocational and ethical reference to organize the signatories’ work. The Charter aims to provide freedom of expression through professional and ethical journalism.

During the course of one year, the members met regularly to discuss, analyze, and share similar projects conducted in other countries. They made use of experts in media charters, choosing the appropriate wording for the current Syrian situation. They wanted the Charter to be a result of an inclusive Syrian process and to support them in making their vision of free Syrian media a reality.

The Charter seeks to be an ethical reference for new Syrian media; it is all-inclusive and does not present itself as a replacement for any other existing charter.

The Charter is based on the following general principles:

  • Accuracy, soundness and credibility of information,
  • Objectivity and integrity,
  • Balance, equity and pluralism,
  • The right of to respond or correct media institutions in case of offense,
  • Independence in coverage,
  • Respect for the truth and freedom of expression.

This Charter aims to encourage journalists to respect these general principles in the performance of their duties, particularly those pertaining to the respect of human dignity and the safeguarding of the rights of persons with special needs or who are disenabled due to health or legal reasons. It also protects minors’ rights taking into account the clauses of the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

The Ethical Charter for Syrian Media is a living document, with its first version being presented here. This Charter is the result of an inclusive Syrian process and seeks to be an ethical reference for new Syrian media, promoting freedom of expression through professional and ethical journalism based on agreed principles of ethics.


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